Problems Encountered

Inventory Management

  • Lost Inventory
  • Misplaced Inventory
  • Inefficient Storage


  • No Tracking
  • No Accountability


  • Manual Picking
  • Manual Putting
  • Paper Based

Solution We Provide

HDS-PAAS, Platform as a service Is a cloud-based computing services that provides a platform allowing customer to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building, and maintaining the infrastructure.

The Benefit

Problems encountered

Data are stored securely and maintained with integrity. All data and information stored within our apps remain CONFIDENTIAL to our clients.

Acces Data

We develop our applications in the cloud and they are accessible via web and mobile apps. We will take care of the server infrastructure, server maintenance, server security so you can focus on other core business processes.

Solution Center

We provide excellent knowledge transfer and customer service to our clients, and we will assist our clients with all troubleshooting and conflict resolution. Customer service remains our number one priority.

Reduce Operational

We focus on helping companies, therefore we provide our services at an excellent rate. By implementing our app, it simplifies your business processes by folds, hence will be able to reduce your operational overhead costs.


HDS offers us the desired combination of a proven, cost effective and flexible WMS software solution and a knowledgeable, professional, forthright staff.

Black & Yellow

We selected HDS because they were willing to customize a system for us. No one else would do that at a reasonable cost. We were one of the first warehouses in our company to implement a paperless system

TDH Supplies Services

Our partnership with HDS has truly been beneficial for us. The implementation of the HDS WMS has driven numerous improvements in our distribution operations including productivity improvements equal to roughly 15%. The implementation of HDS’s Labor Management System took us to the next level in managing our workforce and further improving efficiency in the warehouse.


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